Jan 22, 2015

The most important event of my life was to see my mom after many years of separation., that's the most important event for me so far.

In this important time, I had to deal with many difficulties, difficult things like distance and family problems. In spite of all this, things were fine though separated but well waiting for the day of the reunion. Spent seven years separation ed from my family were sad years for me, but I hid my sadness from the people.

Despite all that had happened at first, I was sure that she would return to Honduras and i would see my mom earlier than I thought. After a while, I begin to think I was going to spend at least 15 years without seeing her and that worried me. I would be twenty by then.

As the years keep passing, and I was missing my mom way too much. When I was child, I was very attached to her and wanted to be alone with her so for me it was very difficult.

Once I had spent five years without her, I was determined to come to Brooklyn. My mom did not want to tell me, but I decided on my own. She told me that she did not have to wait longer to come get me. Good, since I had spent two years with my sister.

When I came looking for our mom, it was a terrifying, difficult journey, going through dark dangerous places, with many frightening moments. But we could get to the country. We called my mom. Happy to hear it, and now that we were scared again. They spent ten days until we could travel and see our mom. She was happy waiting for us at the airport.