Revenge of the Ghost

Mar 30, 2016
by: 21alamm
Revenge of the Ghost
Revenge of the Ghost

This animation was about a ghost, a ghoul, and a dragon. Basically the ghost is the ghouls friend. The ghoul is the dragons friend.The dragon actually killed the boy before he became a ghost. The main character here is mainly the ghost. The ghost's name is Ed, the dragon is Lead, and the ghoul is Fred. The characters are not too serious and are laid back. Ed is not treated so great by other people but he is not bothered by this at all.

The main aspect of my project that I am most proud was the costume changes. This is because the costume changes went with the conversation. An example is how if someone were mad, I would change their costume to make them look mad. I was also proud of how I followed the plot structure. I am also proud of the scene transitions and movements. They were very smooth.

The main aspect of my project that could be improved is the story and script. The plot may not have been so interesting but if I elaborated on it and made it more emotional it would have been much more entertaining. The story also could be more complex with more interesting parts that affect the main part which would've made a better conflict and ending.

There were some differences between my storyboard, script, and animation. For the animation it was to make the story more clear or natural. For the stpry board it made more sense the way it was over there.

Switch backdrop to Forest
Fred- Huh, where are we?

Ed- I don’t know.

Fred- Hey look it’s a dragon. Don’t go anywhere near it kid.

Ed- Fine.

Fred- Dragons are the worst of all creatures.

(lead enters)
Breathes fire
Lead- WHAT DID YOU SAY!!!!!!

Fred- Oh, um……

Ed- We were just talking about how terrible some things are.

Lead- Hey man I was just kidding. Remember me?

Fred- Huh, it’s you, Lead!

Lead- Yeah its me, whos that kid over there.(Ed)

Fred- Oh, he’s just someone.

Lead- Anyway have a visit at my castle.

Fred- ok sure man.

Switch backdrop to castle 4:
Lead- So, here we are.

Ed- it sure is nice.

Fred- No one asked you.

Ed- Wait a minute- it was that dragon(thinking)

Lead- So, Ed, how are you.

Ed- I remember you now!

Fred- What are you talking about Ed.

Ed- You’re the reason i’m even a ghost!f

Fred- Be quiet Ed

Lead- So you’ve finally figured it out, Ed.

Fred- Huh, you killed him?

Ed- Yeah it was him.

Fred- So now we have to kill him

Ed- maybe.

Lead- I’m a blue eyes white dragon. You don’t stand a chance.

Ed- But you have black eyes and you're green.

Lead- Be quiet.

Fred- Let’s take this somewhere else.

Switch backdrop to boardwalk

Ed- Woah, he’s tough.

Fred- Remember when I said dragons were the worst of all creatures

Ed- Yeah you were right.

Fred- You know there's a whole pile of water over there.

Ed- We can’t throw him in there you barnicle.

Fred- That's right. But we can make him go there.

Ed- really?

Fred- I got this.

Ed- Okay

Fred- Hey Lead, you thirsty?

Lead- Now that I think about it, yeah I am.

Fred- Let’s go in the water. Ok

Lead- You really think i’m so stupid

Fred- Oh, so close.

Lead- You weren’t close. You hurt my feelings.

Fred- ok sure now cya. Ed now's our chance!!

Ed- Yeah!!

Fred and Ed leave

Lead- Time to find a new friend.

Walks away slowly

Here is a link to my project