Review of Emma Young's essay, "The I In Dreaming"

Mar 7, 2012
Dreams By Nmondal on Wikimedia

I enjoyed Emma Young's essay, "The I In Dreaming," from: Young, Emma. "The I In Dreaming." New Scientist 209.2803 (2011): 36-39. Academic Search Premier. Web. 7 Mar. 2012. I liked it because I have been interested in how dreams can affect your real life and what they mean, when you sleep.

I am learning more about sleep and dreams now, and in particular I am wondering if dreams can actually mean something and if they do, I wonder if dreams lead to people changing some factors in their daily life. I have had many dreams lately and for some reason I feel they mean something to me. To be honest, a lot of my dreams actually come true. My own dreams have made me more interested in the study of dreaming while you sleep, and why the brain makes the particular visions you see.

"THE interpretation of dreams is the royal road to a knowledge of the unconscious activities of the mind." So wrote Sigmund Freud in his 1900 classic The Interpretation of Dreams. He saw this idea as a "once in a lifetime" insight, and for much of the 20th century the world agreed. Across the globe, and upon countless psychoanalysts' couches, people recounted their dreams in the belief that they contained coded messages about repressed desires. Dreams were no longer supernatural communications or divine interventions -- they were windows into the hidden self."

Young, Emma. "The I In Dreaming." New Scientist 209.2803 (2011): 36-39. Academic Search Premier. Web. 7 Mar. 2012.

The quote I chose here is basically saying that interpretation on dreams is very common and you are able to see things reality can't bring to you. They are also described "windows to the hidden self."

I think this was a very important piece of information for me, because I realized that dreams can really be the hidden truth about yourself. Dreams to me are very important. I agreed with some quote I heard that said something like, if you do not dream while sleeping, there is no point in sleeping. I have had a lot of dreams lately and I always enjoyed just being in a different type of world. Recently some of the dreams I had actually came true, and after that I guess I have had the feelings my other dreams have to be somewhat connected with my life.

I do agree with every thing Emma Young has researched about and the information she gathered helped me out.

Overall, I am glad I found this writer and the information needed to satisfy my thoughts on dreams and sleep. I hope I find more information and Emma keeps writing more interesting facts about the whole concept of dreaming. Thanks for reading this pst and I hope to update you soon.