RH (Ryan & Hanate)

Mar 18, 2015
by: 20choic

My project is about a guy named Ryan, who lives in NYC. He meets a lamp girl, named Hanate, who falls from the sky. The two become friends and they try to go to Ryan's house. However, there is a huge delay on the way to Ryan's house, and it isn't any normal delay. It's probably the craziest delay in the world, and it barely makes any sense. Join Ryan and Hanate on their super weird and crazy but awesome not really adventure!

Scene 1
Setting: A park in Manhattan during the late afternoon, Ryan is there on stage left. Pocka and the banana is there, hiding themselves.
[Enter Hanate, who falls from the sky. Stage right]
Ryan: Are you okay?
Hanate: DO I LOOK OKAY!?
Ryan: I can’t tell since you’re a lamp, not a human. I’ll still help you anyway.
Ryan: Can you walk?
Ryan: Ok ok geez… Then walk with me and let’s go to my house.
Hanate: Can I trust you?
Ryan: Of course…
[The two walk to Stage left and exits]

Scene 2
Setting: A dark alleyway in Williamsburg during night time where Hanate and Ryan are in. There is the bananas only.
Hanate: Where are we going anyway?
Ryan: We were supposed to go to my house to help you but I think we’re lost.
Hanate: Oh no… What are we supposed to do!? And also I’m feeling better so...
Ryan: We’ll just have to find a way out of this alleyway to my house.
[Enter Pocka. Stage right]
Pocka: Well look who’s here.
Ryan: POCKA!
Hanate: Who’s this man?
Ryan: He’s my enemy. He’s trying to transport me to a jail cell in Queens so that I could suffer there.
Hanate: Oh..
Pocka: Are you that desperate for friends that you have a lamp as a friend?
Ryan: Don’t offend Hanate! She’s an amazing friend, although she can be a bit rude.
Pocka: You aren’t even human. Ugh let’s get this over with.
[Pocka grabs and aims the bananas at Hanate and Ryan, and the two friends disappear with a BANG. Pocka exits right]

Scene 3
Setting: A jail in Queens. Hanate and Ryan are in the jail cell at the right.
Hanate: Where are we..?
Ryan: We’re at Pocka’s facility. I lost to him…
Hanate: Don’t worry. We’re gonna break free from this place.
[Enter Pocka with the bananas. Stage left]
Pocka: Y’all will never ever leave this place unless I let y’all leave.
Ryan: Really? Pssh. We will leave this cell.
Hanate: Yea we will Pocka.
Pocka: Ha! Just because you can talk doesn’t mean you are capable of escaping this cell.
Hanate: Ryan walk towards the jail wall!
[Ryan walks towards to jail wall]
[Loud bang noise]
Pocka: ACK!! NOOOOO!
[Pocka disappears and the jail cell is bashed up]
Hanate: Ryan! Let’s go! Take the bananas!
[Hanate and Ryan with the bananas walk to stage left. Exits stage]

Scene 4
Setting: Ryan’s house in Flushing.
[Enter Ryan, the bananas, and Hanate. Stage left]
Hanate: Nice house. It’s super big.
Ryan: What did you do at Pocka’s facility?
Hanate: Pocka angered me and he made me use one of my secret abilities, which is to be able to use my light bulb to create a portal that sends Pocka to another place.
Ryan: Where did you send Pocka?
Hanate: I send him to the lamp planet aka Lamp World. I lived there but I was sent to Earth to live here.
Ryan: Cool. If you want, you can stay with me. I mean if you want to.
Hanate: I would love to! I doubt there’s going to be a good place for me other than here. Besides, we’re friends right?
Ryan: Yup.
Hanate: We’re going to be best friends forever!
Ryan: I know right. Now sleep Hanate. Tomorrow, I’m going to show you how New York City looks like.

Developer's Log
Wed 3/11 9:03 AM, School
I made the sprite Ryan and made his costumes. I managed to make one backdrop, but I need 3 more. I didn’t achieve my goal because I realized that the sprite took 2 minutes to make but the backdrops take a longer time. Also, I forgot my password so I had to reset it, so I wasted time. I had to edit my project plan because I realized some flaws in it that needed to be fixed. I’m planning to edit my backdrops by using pictures and not drawing it because my drawing was horrible and time-wasting.

Thurs 3/12 9:31 PM, Home
I was able to accomplish my goal. I finished creating the settings and sprites and its costumes and went even beyond that. The settings took 5 minutes less than I thought and the costumes took me 5 minutes, so I had time to do up to step 15. Making the sprites talk took 1 minute to make. Overall, although I worked for 31 minutes, I accomplished a lot of things. I don’t think my project will take a super long time than I thought it would be.

Fri 3/13 9:00 AM, School
Today, I did up to step 33 and animated the sprites to move, talk, change costumes, and also I changed settings. I went even beyond this. Making the sprites talk took a shorter time to talk. However, I checked my work every 5 minutes to see if I was doing everything according to the script and make sure it’s accurate. I made sure it was repeatable by using “set” and checking frequently. Overall, today was like yesterday, I accomplished more than I expected. So far, my project is successful and a lot less harder than I expected.

Tues 3/16 7:47 PM, Home
Finally I finished my project! It took me a long time, longer than I expected. I realized one of my backdrops were copyrighted so I had to change it to something that was creative commons. Also, in the middle, I had my mini dinner, which took about 5 minutes. I managed to finish it! Yay! One change is that Ryan and the bananas were already at the home, and then Hanate appeared. I have no idea how to change it so I just kept it like that. I checked my animation so many times and made sure it good, met the requirements and constraints.



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