The Right thing to do

Jan 4, 2012

I created the Scratch animation “The Right thing to do” as my response to a project to create an interactive ethical story.

An ethical story is basically a story that teaches you right from wrong. It tells you what you should do and what would happen if you don’t do the right thing in life. You learn that in life you always have an option and picking right from wrong is up to you and no one else. You can learn morals from ethical stories to.

My story is about how Mr. Monkey was walking down the street and dropped money. He did not notice so Mr. Monkey kept on walking. Little Doggie saw the money fall and picked it up. He was stuck between keeping the money for him or giving it back to Mr. Monkey. There are two possibilities to the end of the story. The right and good choice would be to return the money to Mr. Monkey and he would get rewarded for his honesty. The second ending to this story is the bad and wrong choice which is keeping the money for himself. Little Doggie would spend the money and feel guilty. The quilt would eat him alive.

My story was inspired by my brother who once found a wallet with the mans I.D. in it. It had about $200 in cash and my brother needed money before summer for a new bike. He kept it for a night, but he returned it the next day. He later told me he felt guilty since it was not his money.

I was unsuccessful in creating my story because I’m not too good in creating scripts and i tried but even 4 days after the project was due, my script would not work properly.