Rock Paper Scissors- The statistics to win!

Nov 6, 2011

1,2,3 shoot!
The game of rock-paper-scissors or as others call it ro-sham-bo, has effectively ended many arguments in my time. At first is seems like such a simple game, but there are in fact piles of research and statistical data on the outcomes and tendancies found in Rock-Paper-Scissors duels. The following are some research and statistics on ro-sham-bo as well as the tendancies of both men and women:
1. Men are more likely to throw rock first because it is seen as a real life weapon of choice. Women however usually choose paper first because of their aversion to direct violence.
2.If both men and women have a chance to think about strategy they are more likely to throw scissors first, becuase it isn't their first choice.
3. Paper has been found to be the LAST choice across large populations at under 30% on the first throw.
4.If someone is winning they are more likely to throw scissors than paper or rock. If they are loosing they are more likely to throw rock instead of paper or scissors. Research believes people throw scissors when they are winning as a sign of confidence and throw rock when they are loosing as a sign of strength.
5. After someone has thrown the same thing twice (i.e. paper, paper) they are less likely to throw it again, because they see it as a predictable move. So if someone throws paper twice, the best thing to play would be rock.
6. In the heat of battle people often pay attention to patterns. Someone who just lost is likely to throw what just beat them because they believe that object wins.
7.If a throw wins you are likely to see it again. If someone throws rock and wins they are likely to throw rock again because they were just successful!
8.BE RANDOM! If someone is besting you at this simple statistic game, clear your mind. Think only of the one, two, three... THEN quickly throw the first thing that comes to your mind.
Lastly there are several patterns that can be used to beat the opponent at rock-paper-scissors:
◦Paper, scissors, rock
◦Rock, scissors, paper
◦Rock, paper, paper
◦Rock, rock, rock
◦Paper, scissors, paper
◦Paper, scissors, scissors

Now that we have all learned the secrets to the basic game of rock-paper-scissors, we can tackle the techniques used in other games such as tic-tac-toe.

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