Rodeo Clowns

May 12, 2010
by: kluc6050
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Rodeo Clowns:
When a cowboy is bucked off of a bull at a rodeo, in the bull riding event. . . What do they have to depend on? Clowns…? You bet! Underneath all of those funny striped outfits, and the big red noses, there is an athlete, an agile human being, and to some… a hero. When rodeo first began, the job of a rodeo clown was primarily as it sounds; to entertain the audience in between the rodeo events. Since then, the job has evolved into something far more important. Nowadays, clowns on the rodeo circuit are more commonly known as bullfighters. And their job has become to protect the cowboys from serious injuries, or even death. When the cowboy is bucked off, the bullfighters use many different techniques in order to distract the bull, and allow the cowboy to escape to the nearest gate or rail.
After researching the topic, I have found that rodeo clowns, (Bullfighters) are given much less credit than that which they deserve… “Bullfighters often endanger their own lives to save a rodeo cowboy, working to distract the bull so the rider can escape to the nearest exit.” Said the people from
It says a lot for someone to put their own life at risk in order to save someone else’s, and that is just what a rodeo clown does each time he steps foot into the arena. So because of this, I think that they serve much more of an important purpose than some of us may give them credit for, and in my eyes they are truly… Rodeo’s unsung hero.



I like rodeo clowns!!=)

Submitted by ccha4367 on Thu, 2010-05-13 16:48.

I like rodeo clowns!!=)

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same here there funy wat can i say

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