Romeo and Juliet Act 2 thoughts

Mar 13, 2015
Romeo & Juliet

I just finished reading act 2 of Romeo and Juliet, and so far, I’m enjoying it. In this act, Romeo is in love with Juliet and wants to marry her. His love too strong, he tells Friar Laurence that they both want to get married today, and Friar thinks they’re being too hasty. This is a little interesting and shocking at the same time because Juliet is only a thirteen-year-old Capulet girl and Romeo is a little bit older Montague, and they planned to get married in less than twenty four hours. This shows how strong and powerful their love was. Today, marrying at age between thirteen to sixteen is just too early and awkward, but in the fourteenth and fifteenth century, I think it was normal to get married at that age. In my opinion, no teenager should marry at that age because they have a life ahead of them and teenage years is the most important time of our lives; everything we do in that age could determine our future. I believe what made this story so interesting and unique was Shakespeare’s use of his special techniques, such as sonnets, poems, and his unfamiliar language. Without these techniques, Romeo and Juliet writing wouldn’t be as great. Also, I think it’s really interesting how Shakespeare made the two star-crossed lovers as enemies because it makes the story more unique and gives it a great twist to the story. He showed what real love is, how strong love can be, and how love can influence our actions. Overall, I enjoyed reading act 2, and I can’t wait to read more.


I agree with you on saying

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I agree with you on saying that no teenagers should get married so early. And also about what you said about the language making it more interesting. I thought it made it more confusing, but I think without the language, it would just be any other story.