Romeo and Juliet: Act II

Mar 10, 2015
by: eva.s

I liked this act less than the first; I think the plot/reasoning was slightly flawed . It seems like after meeting and supposedly falling in love, Romeo and Juliet would want to spend more time together,enjoying each other’s company before fully committing. Juliet and the Friar both mention worries about such hasty love. If Juliet is worried, then there is no reason for the couple not to wait until both are sure that they are dedicated to a life together (and all the trouble it could bring their families). I do think that it is interesting that the play calls out the ridiculousness of Romeo and Juliet’s “love” because I had always imagined that the rest of the characters were just fine with “love at first sight”. On the contrary, Friar Lawrence is extremely surprised to hear of Romeo’s sudden change of heart, and his friends make jokes about his hopeless obsessions. The play is still considered the epitome of romance, even though it almost seems as if Shakespeare wrote the whole thing as a joke about the naivety of young lovers.


I completely agree. I also

Submitted by sopera18 on Thu, 2015-03-12 08:51.

I completely agree. I also liked the first act more than the first. I feel like it was kind of boring and there was a lot less excitement.