Romeo and Juliet Opinion

Mar 24, 2015
by: LeenaS18

We are writing about Romeo and Juliet in class. Before I started reading the play, I thought it would be okay, but then we started reading it and I realized, I really did not like the play. It's sort of interesting, but I really dislike the concept of the play.

I think that Romeo and Juliet are way too in love, and that it isn't healthy or realistic. I feel like it sends a bad message to people nowadays.

The message it sends is that you need to rely on someone you love to live.

I understand that the play was written in a time when everyone felt the need to marry someone that you love, but nowadays things are different. I don't think the play should still be so popular in this day and age.


I understand we all have

Submitted by UnserH on Thu, 2015-03-26 09:21.

I understand we all have differing views on matters, and I fully understand your dislike of the play. However, I do not think that there necessarily is a message trying to be sent across in the play. I don't think its trying to say "Hey, relationships are good and if you are not in one you are bad", I don't see it as pressuring one to live life to its fullest by loving someone. I do get what you are saying, that there is more to life than what a romantic partner can offer you. But, regarding Romeo and Juliet's love, can you really deem it unhealthy? I know they ended up dead, but I feel it was more the family feud that caused it, and pressure from family members, rather than the love itself. The two seemed very right for each other, they seemed to love each other very much. I think its more the circumstances under which the love exists, rather than the love itself.

Killing themselves because of love?

Submitted by Kiml18 on Thu, 2015-03-26 12:28.

It's very clear throughout the story that Romeo and Juliet love each very much. But not everyone agrees on their decisions of suicide. In the real world, it's natural to lose someone you love some point in time. Whether it's your grandma, beloved pet, or close family friend, it always puts you in an unbearable amount of pain. Some people even go through some counseling to overcome the grief. In the case of Romeo and Juliet, they truly believed they couldn't live without each other. It was their decision and I don't think anyone could've changed their mind about it. I still truly understand why you think they overreacted, and thank you for your writing!