Rosa (Girlfriends POV)

Mar 3, 2011
by: SFootman

The girlfriends perspective:

Upon going to northeaster University, on orientation day, I meet the love of my life, Steve Strygler. He was a wonderful boy who always took me on movie and theatre dates and always calls me to make dates. Hes even gone to Massachusetts to visit my parents, and they absolutely adored him.All my friend envy me and wish they could have a boyfriend as cute and as great as Steve. Our relationship is perfect!...well,not exactly.

Every since Steve has started smoking pot, hes called me less often and meeting with me even less. Hes also not going to his classes, which really bothers me because I want Steve to be successful! It hurts as his girlfriend, to see him turn for the worst.But I do not want to blame the grass though. Its normal for a lot of freshman boys to smoke, and they live their college life perfectly fine.I even thought about trying to smoke pot one day., so it makes me wonder “whats wrong with Steve:”

Our relationship is getting better, because I finally got to meet his mom! She said her name was Rosa and i was so delighted to meet her. I was also touched that she came and confided in me about her and her issues with her son.”what do you think is the reason for all this?” she asked me when i meet her  at the hotel “Does he take drugs?”. I answered unhappily “Yes Mrs.Strygler, I am afraid so.I’m scared to think of it,but I am afraid that he is using something more dangerous than grass”. I must have sounded afraid,because she stopped asking me questions. I also meet his father later on, he asked the same things, and I could only tell him that I tried to make him stop, I even begged, but Steve only got angry, even hostile with me! But I tried to help the best I could. I just hope that this all blows over and that Steve is okay.