Rosa's Point of View

Mar 7, 2011
by: jlima

Rosa Point Of View

As I'm waiting for my horrible and dreadful destiny, I look over my shoulder and see little children and an old man getting shot. The sight of it made me sad and made me think that i have no future. I lost all hope from the world. I looked up to the sky and wondered where was God. I wanted to help the old man and the little children but i knew i would be dead and join the pile of bodies. As I'm walking on the line, i here the cries of the people that knew the old man and little kids. i cried hearing their cry. I couldn't help it. Their broke my heart i felt their pain some how. I saw people with guns and wearing uniforms walking towards me and grabbed me as i was not even human. I was told to take off my clothes. With shame i took off my clothes, it felt like I was taking off my soul, and my identity. They kept yelling at me in German. They stripped me from my name and gave me a number. I was a stranger now, nothing but a number. They made me put on striped looking pajamas.

They sent me to a cabin type looking house. By coincidence I was with the family that was crying about the old man and little children. They cried and cried knowing that this will be end of everything they believed. i saw a father telling his daughter that "she will live, and that she was too pretty too be killed". Every night I would pray for them, I wouldn't pray for myself, I lost hope, I lost faith, I lost everything. This is my time. I knew that little girl would make it and she will marry a wonderful man and live a good life to hide these times. I wanted to run away from this but I knew I couldn't. I felt sorry for the father, he had to keep this beautiful little girl happy and not to be scared. i knew he doubted his promises to her. as I looked at them I remembered when I saw my precious niece. She was everything to me, I loved her like if she was mine. I'm glad she wasn't here in this hell hole. But I did miss her company. I'm lonely here. I have no friends here with me. I knew they are dead now. Only the memories gave me company. I will die here and in death I will always remember this and the pain of the families and the death of my people.