Rosa's visit

Mar 18, 2011
by: jlima

In my school we had a special guest named, Rosa Strygler the author of the book, Rosa. It took place in the art room because it was a bigger setting. We were her audience and we had the privilege to ask questions and learn more about her life. We went there because we wanted to ask her questions and we were interested. Also, because it was kind of mandatory. One of the first thing that Rosa mentioned ….

“Feel free ask anything you want, don’t hold back.”

Hearing this quote just made me realize that she is a strong person. Not physically, obviously. But emotionally and mentally. Even though she went through a lot and went through 2 tragedies she is still standing firm and in a way those tragedies made her stronger has a person. Rosa overcame those situations but she still thinks about them cause there memories that she can’t forget. Other mothers would commit suicide or just stop living because of losing their child. Rosa isn’t your ordinary mother she overcame the situation and she continued her walk in life.

Another quote that stuck out to me from the visit of Rosa was …

“to help me forget or calm me down about losing my son is participating in charities and helping others . I started a religious camp for girls and i visited delinquents”

Seeing this quote again, i see how humble she is. Even though her son passed away and she could be sitting in her house dwelling and crying over it, she is going out of her way to help others. To me, that’s amazing. She helps changing the world for better people’s lives. She is so incredibly humble because she never wanted to publish her book. No matter how much money they offered her she rejected it. She said that she only wrote the book just for herself.

Overall, it was really great that she visited our school. It was such a great experience. Even though, i didn’t ask her anything, but i wanted to it was just that i was scared that my question was too stupid or saying the wrong thing. But it would’ve been awesome if she stayed a little longer.