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Apr 20, 2015

This article is about females and medication. The author addresses the misconception that medications cause women to be crazy, but the truth is that traumatic events cause psychological damages to women (just as traumatic events do to men), and the medications are what help these women cope with what has happened.

This is a video in which a rape survivor addresses the controversy over the Rolling Stone article about the reported rape at University of Virginia. My personal opinion on the matter is that it is all skewed. While most rape cases get almost no attention (and hardly ever even go to trial), a story gets national attention when it is a case of a false report. It makes it much harder for activists to address the problem, and people will have even more doubts. It makes the whole situation even more difficult to fix.

I am analyzing the first link. I think this source is somewhat reliable. The article has a named author who provides information about why she herself is knowledgeable in this field (personal experience and study) and references multiple works by people who have done research in the field. The article, because it was posted on a website with many articles, has most likely been edited, but there isn’t any way to be certain. Overall, it seems to be a good and reliable source which can be used for citation and further insight.


Psychological Effects

Submitted by DOliver on Tue, 2015-05-19 13:07.

You mentioned that these incredibly traumatic events cause psychological damage to the women involved, but is there a certain response that is most prevelent? I assume depression and PTSD are both highly likely, but are there any others that one would not assume, and if so, how would they be treated?

This is the second twitter

Submitted by zarch2018 on Thu, 2015-05-28 09:02.

This is the second twitter post i have seen, and i happen to like these the most. You have a lot of detail, links, and prove a point. Very great