Save the World!

Apr 19, 2010
by: LindaY

Group Members: JingJing, Monica, and Linda

-Design of board: Snakes and Ladders
-boxes: more than 30; less than 75; so about 50 boxes
-Ladders: you skip ahead because you landed on a box that helped the environment
-Snakes: you go back because you landed on a box that harmed the environment
-Use die
-players: 3-5 game pieces; in the shape of people  (similar to Candy Land)
-Each box has description of what happens.
 ex: one box may say you picked up garbage at the park move up the ladder.


no thx i dont want to save

Submitted by victoriac on Mon, 2010-04-19 10:31.

no thx i dont want to save the world


April 20, 2010, Tuesday: New

Submitted by LindaY on Tue, 2010-04-20 14:16.

April 20, 2010, Tuesday:

New Ideas for Project:
- your father owns an oil company and they dispose their oil into the beach where you go swimming with your friends. As a result you have slide down the snake. (negative)

- one day you throw a beach party to celebrate summer vacation, instead of using the garbage can you throw the plastic soda rings into the ocean which ended up killing 6 fish. Slide down the snake (negative)

- you cleaned up the public park, climb up the ladder. (positive)

- you own factory which pollute the air with more than 2 million toxic chemicals. Move down the snake. (negative)

- you walk to your friends house instead of taking the car. Move up the ladder. (positive)

- you organize recycling program in your school and encourage people to recycle. (positive)

Update: Today is the day we

Submitted by LindaY on Mon, 2010-04-26 09:40.


Today is the day we actually draw on the board.
About 50 boxes depending on the size.
Some boxes have facts others are blank.
In some boxes there are pictures that show what is written.
Finish the characters, we made it to 6 characters instead of 5.

1) Components: 
   Snakes= things that you did to harm the environment
   Ladder= things that you did to help the environment
   Game pieces= people (3 girls and 3 boys)
   Different actions on boxes about pollution, both positive (up the ladder) and negative (down the snake)

2) Game Space:
     Similar to Snakes and Ladders with ladders going up and snakes bringing your character down. The boxes will be labeled 1-50 to show which way you go. You roll the die (1 dice) and move your piece.

3) Rules:
    You start on box #1. You can decide who goes first however you want. You start by rolling the die and whatever the amount is, is the amount of boxes you move. If you land on a box were you did something negative you have to move down the snake. If you landed on a box with a positive effect on the environment then you move up the ladder.

4) Goal:
The goal of the game is to "Save the World". By reaching the end of the game (box #50). From this game you win the knowledge of how the little things can pollute our world and how we can change it.

5)Core Mechanics:
   Roll the die and move your spaces. Depending on the box you land on you can either skip a few boxes or move back boxes.

6) Choice:

UPDATE:Deciding how much

Submitted by LindaY on Mon, 2010-04-26 10:08.

Deciding how much snakes and ladders there is going to be on the board.
decided about 6 positives and 6 negatives.
snakes and ladders are drawn, just need to write in the facts and draw in the pictures
cut out the pieces of the characters.

- You plant a tree in every park, go up the ladder. (positive)

- You use eco-friendly light bulbs, go up the ladder. (positive)

- You release toxic chemicals into the air which means a greater risk of cancer, slide down the snake. (negative)

- Instead of using plastic bags you use eco-friendly bags, go up the ladder. (positive)

- Instead of disposing your electronics properly, you throw it into the ocean; slide down the snake. (negative)


UPDATE:- tracing over the

Submitted by LindaY on Tue, 2010-04-27 14:12.


- tracing over the ladders and snakes.

- deciding what to do with our pieces and how to make them stand...

-We were able to write in the actions and and trace over everything.

Other issues to figure out:
-how to make the characters stand...

-write the rules

other than that we're pretty much done with the game.

1. What about the game made

Submitted by LindaY on Fri, 2010-04-30 10:56.

1. What about the game made you want to keeping playing or not keep playing?

the fact that no matter how man times that I supposedly should have won, I still couldn't actually beat the game!


This game was really fun.

the game was fun because of the ladders and the snakes.


2. What did you learn/come away from the game thinking about?

A few things about the enviornment and how our actions effect it.

Make it more creative

i learned stuff about the trees.


3. What problems/challenges did you face while playing the game?

Going back down the snakes.

I cant win

Noy cannot count and cheated me out of winning. - thats not right.

It takes a very long time to win this game

i won after 2 minutes of playing the game. YAY.