Saving the internet.

Mar 18, 2015
Storyboard Part 1
Storyboard part 2
Storyboard part 3
Storyboard part 4

The animation was about a kid named Kyle who gets "kidnapped" by two other people named Casey, and Jeff who supposedly work for a secret organization called C.A.W. They've been stalking Kyle for quite a while with state of the art equipment, and they know that he has been going through changes when his emotions change. Things move around when his emotions change drastically. They "kidnapped" him, and took him to their station, and tell him about the secret organization. Did you guess that it was to fight evil? Well the, you are wrong! They explain to him that it is simply to have fun and prank people because there is nothing better to do. Kyle meets other people, and soon... the alarm rings. It has only rang once before. It means that they were going to actually use there powers for good... to save the internet. A evil group called G.O.O.D. are dumping power lines in to the sea shore and are going to mess up the power plant. (It's so logical and makes so much sense right?) Will Kyle and C.A.W. be able to save the internet connection? The answer is yes.

Developers Log #1: 11/3/2015 45 minutes I didn’t get to accomplish much, but I was in school and I had to edit my action plan a tad, and find the specific time. I also had to make it into a schedule and organize it properly, but I will “Start fresh” when I get home and accomplish more things.

Developers Log #2: 12/3/2015 (Home) 2 hours I drew the characters for the project, and I uploaded them to the computer, then uploaded them to scratch. A problem I had was that when I cropped the pictures, preview kept quitting, so it took over an hour to complete.

Developers Log #3: Friday 13th, 2015 (School) 1 hour I almost finished the first act, and I haven’t had any problems so far. When I was on scratch, I had to remember which message I broadcasted, and to remember who said what. There was only one other problem, and it was that the people weren’t moving after the first few dialogues. However, I figured it out and will fix it when I get home.

Developers Log #4: 3/14/15 (Pi day.) 1 hour I fixed the fact that after the first few speech bubbles, the sprites weren’t doing anything. One of the sprites didn’t broadcast a message which messed up the whole thing, so I fixed that. I also found backgrounds for another scene and did the transition.

Developers Log # 5: 3/15/2015 3 hours I finished the project, and fixed a few errors that occurred, which took a long time. That is why the project today took 3 hours.