Saving Zoe by Alyson Noel

Apr 20, 2013
"Saving Zoe" Cover

In the text, it has been a year since Echo’s sister Zoe died. Echo is a fifteen year old girl, starting as a freshman. She is trying to get over her sister’s death, and start a new life. Both her parents have by, her father staying at work for long hours and her mother by taking pills to make her emotionless.

Then, her sister’s boyfriend Marc (who she use to think was dangerous), shows up and gives Echo Zoe’s old diary. An internet predator was arrested because of Zoe’s death but, Echo and her parents had no idea about any of the details of Zoe’s death. The only thing that Echo remembers that was strange was that, her sister use to come into Echo’s bedroom and sneak through Echo’s balcony, and climb down the tree.

Although, Echo had no clue who Zoe was leaving in the middle of the night to meet or why she had to meet them. As, a Echo receives the diary from Marc she wonders why he didn't give her diary to the police. Everyone in the neighborhood who knew what happened, thought that Marc was the one who killed Zoe before the online predator was captured, even though Marc says that he was waiting in the park for Zoe when she was killed.

As Echo reads through the diary, she sees that as closer she gets to the death of Zoe, the more she distanced herself from her best friend Carly and more often she fought with Marc. Echo begins to distance herself from her friends and her boyfriend Parker. She wants to get away from all the pointing, staring, whispering, and pity from everyone at school. As Echo, read farther and farther into Zoe’s diary, she learns that Zoe aspired to become an actress or a model, and that’s how she didn’t realize by making an online website, she was putting herself in a lot of danger. In the end, because Zoe was so naive and intertwined in her own world, she faced great danger and it ended in great tragedy.

In the book, there are two main ideas. The first is that you should never ever trust anyone that you meet online. Zoe trusted the man that she met online to be a photographer interested in her modeling ability, and that’s what got her killed. The second main idea is not to trust anyone that you come across (even if it is in real life). Zoe not only was killed because, she was irresponsible with the her online life, but also because she hung out with the wrong group of people (even though she didn’t feel comfortable with them and neither did Marc).

These ideas are significant to the world in many different ways. Many girls trust people that they meet online. They think that it’s someone who will help them for the better, but in reality (in many situations) it is not. Many teenage girls just like Zoe, fall for these predators that lurk online, so this book is a very good example to show them just what kind of dangerous and risky trouble they can get into.

It is also important for teenage girls to know and be aware of who they are keeping company with. Staying with people who are “bad news” can lead to so many wrong things that can happen. Overall, teenagers (especially girls) need to be aware of the people that they call their friends in real life and the people that they trust online.