Say My Name

Dec 18, 2014
by: mschmiett

With death, disappearance, riots, and abuse being reported whenever someone turns on the news, a happy story is a breath of fresh air. Crisp and refreshing. You know what else is refreshing? Coca Cola. This summer, Coca Cola released a new logo for their Diet, Zero calorie, and regular Coke drinks that incorporated one of 250 pre-determined names on a single twenty ounce bottle. Coke is encouraging people to get out, spend time with family, old and new friends, and just the average Joe on the street and “Share a Coke”.

As consequence of an unpopular spelling of my name, souvenir shops have never been a place of refuge to find a personalized trinket. Now with Coca Cola personalizing bottles, I thought I could maybe count on some kind of recognition. With 180 different ways to spell “Mikaela” (and my way never being the most popular) however, I Coke didn't end up being my savior. After searching gas station after gas station, Makayla was the closest form of my name to be found. Disappointed as usual.

Despite my failure to find my special bottle, Coca Cola made it possible to design a personal can if one was very determined to have their name finally on an object. Coca Cola has finally given the uncommon man a place in the world. Along with this sense of belonging comes a .04% increase in sales for Coca Cola, the first increase in eleven years. With so much mayhem and sadness in the world today, this summer was made a little happier, both for the consumers and Coca Cola company, by a timeless drink with a personalized twist.


Mik, I love that you focused

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Submitted by AG08 on Sun, 2015-03-01 23:35.

Mik, I love that you focused on something good happening in the world rather than all the negatives that have been shown on the news. Who would've thought simply printing a person's name on a Coke bottle, would help increase sales in over eleven years? I found your topic to be quite "refreshing". When searching for discussions to comment on, yours stood out because it focused on something other than what society has done wrong. I enjoyed your intro in particular, it was funny, but didn't stray from your topic. Nice job!