Scientists identify additional estrogen-like chemicals that are probably in your diet

Mar 30, 2009
by: daneb
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 You may have heard of a little chemical called BPA.  Scientists recently determined the potential of BPA to interfere with the activity of Estrogen in the human body and warned against its incorporation in various plastics and polycarbonates.  Well, now there are two more molecules that might have to walk the proverbial plank.  They are food additives that might be in your diet right now.

The first food additive, propyl gallate, is a preservative used to prevent fats and oils from spoiling that can be found in a range of foods including baked goods, shortening, dried meats, candy, fresh pork sausage, mayonnaise and dried milk. The second additive, 4-hexyl resorcinol, is used to prevent shrimp, lobsters, and other shellfish from discoloring.

Some Food Additives Mimic Human Hormones: Scientific American

The team of Italian researchers found the chemicals by using computer modeling to determine which, or 1500 chemicals,