Scratch Cat and The Search

Mar 28, 2016

The story "Scratch Cat and The Search" is about scratch's default sprite, who is associated with the use of new scratchers, and boring projects where people were to lazy to change the default settings. Scratch Cat realizes he wants to become like the more special sprites on scratch, like Gobo or Giga. Giga, a sprite who thinks much of herself denies to help the Scratch Cat. Accepting all, Gobo offers to help the cat by giving him the wand of scratch. The cat finds that Giga has betrayed Gobo by taking advantage of the wand, and offers to do one last favor to impress and gain trust of Gobo, which includes defeating Giga at a boss-like challenge. Scratch learns that he is special already and realizes that he needs nothing more than what he is, which is not a boring cat.

I am proud of my storyboard and structure for the story itself, including the dialogue and tones. I am also happy how I was able to manage to apply code to the storyboard to the extent that I did, pulling off certain actions like the wand fight between Giga and Scratch Cat. However, I think I did not meet two of the requirements. These two included the rule that appearance and movement must change in at least 2 ways, because Marty the messenger only moved in one way (gliding).

Scratchcat (SC)
Gobo the God (GG)
Giga the Giver (GI)
Marty the Messenger (MM)
Alex the assistant (AA)
Crowd (CR)

SC: Hi. I am the scratchcat. I know. White background? Me? It is a trap. No it is not.

SC: People make fun of me for being not fun.

CR: (Unison) You are horrible!!!

Cut to: Black Screen “Meeting the Giver”
GI: Hello Scratchcat. What is the cause of your presence? Do you request a present?

SC: I need something that will make me unique, not the boring thing I am.

GI: Well, I rather not go on a tangent… but…

SC: Go ahead!

GI: It is important that you pay attention to value.

GI: You may be asking yourself... "What? Where do I find that?"

SC: Mean.

GI: Obviously not in that orange cat figure that you are.

GI: Scratchers, they want value. However, you are not value. You are an annoyance. That is why scratchers never use you.

SC: How rude!!!

GI: Do something worthy of this special thing. Until then, BYE!!!

Cut to: Black Screen “Meeting the God”
SC: Oh Gobo!!! Nobody has offered me anything in return of my requests!

GG: Why!!! If it isn't the cat!!!

SC: How do you know me!?!?!?!

GG: 342 people named “Anonymous” say you are horrible.

SC: No publicity is bad publicity!!!

GG: Hehe. Sure. Anyway, I am in a good mood. I look at you differently and think you should have the key to scratch: the wand of stuff.

(Wand floats in front)


GG: But first we must do training to ensure that the wand has not been put in the wrong hands. Look at this.

(GG shows pictures of Giga violating wand rules)

SC: That is Giga! I knew she was hiding something!!!

Cut to: Black Screen “Training”
AA: I am Alex, your trainer.

SC: Great…


(SC Does laps)


(SC uses wand on dinosaur - costume 1 to costume 2)


Background changes to forest

AA: Well, training is done. Now it is time for the real stuff. Defeat Giga as she has betrayed Gobo the God.

Cut to: Black Screen “Giga has to go”

Background changes to fighting dome

MM: (Runs entering left to SC) Oh no! Giga is coming for you!!!

SC: Why?

MM: She knows what side you are on!!!

SC: So what?

MM: I shall say no more! Good luck!!! (Exits right)

GI: HAHA. You are done!!! Actually, you never really started. (Size 170)

SC: This is not done!!!

(Both fight)

(SC pulls out wand)

(Giga shrinks)

(Gobo floats entering right)

GG: You have impressed me. I am proud to give you the right to…

SC: (Interrupts) What?

GG: You have received the wand, but you have something already. A gift more valuable than all other possible gifts that I can somehow make disappear.

GG: Awesomeness… and confidence… but mostly awesomeness…

GG: Before scratchers and noobs and scratch Gurus can love you, LOVE YOURSELF!

SC: That is literally the most elaborate, profound statement that I have ever been told.

Cut to: Black Screen “FIN”

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