Screencast: How to Upload Artwork onto DeviantArt

Oct 20, 2009
by: 12trank

Introduction: This screencast is to show new account users and artists how they can submit artwork onto a website called

Engineer's Journal: During this process, i wasn't sure what to do during the last few days before the screencast's deadline. Since i was absent on friday, i missed out on the homework and information given that day. On Monday, i found that i have a working headset and would be able to make one. During Tuesday's class, i was able to find out how to upload the video and made the screencast.

Desgin Specification:

Project: Creating a screencast for new users on deviantart that want to submit artwork.

Reason: There are many people who want to share their artwork and get constructive criticism to build as an artist. Deviantart allows people to do just that. Members can leave others comments on whether they like the artist's work or not. This gives artists support, encouragement and methods of improvement. However, the submitting process is not very obvious on the web page so new members may have to take their time to find out.

Requirements: A screencast must be made on a social networking site of your choice. It must show a process of a feature that the site provides, solving a problem that a user of the site might have. The screencast must be understandable and detailed.

Constraints: The screencast is due on October 16th.

Feedback?: So...viewers...people. Please comment and give me any kind of feedback (reasonable ones perferably) on whether or not my screencast has succeeded or failed in what was represented in my design specification. Thank you (if you do leave comments :D)!


i watched your screencast

Submitted by 12maldonadoc on Tue, 2009-10-20 19:33.

i watched your screencast and i thought you did very good job while recording, you were able to see the whole screen and you explained well what you were doing.  I dont think anyone will have trouble signing up for deviant art =] nice work

Based on criterion D, i

12trank's picture
Submitted by 12trank on Wed, 2009-10-21 20:39.

Based on criterion D, i would give myself a 5 because my screencast had followed my design specification. However, my design specification was not so well made. I used the necessary techniques like a microphone and a screencast making program.