Search for Sue (a scratch animation)

Mar 30, 2016
by: 21smithm

My story is about family, and the bonds between family members. In my animation, the little sister, Sue, wanders off, scaring her siblings. Her siblings work together to find her and bring her home. Without trusting each other, they would likely not have found Sue as efficiently as they did; it is through their bond and dependency that they find their sister.
(I changed parts of my dialogue within my animation as they felt unnatural and decadent when applied)
The secret to good storytelling is in the plot and the characters; without an interesting plot the story is bland and simply cannot exist. However, characters make the story move forward and provide dimension. I am most proud of how far my animating skills have come; I could barely figure out how to make a sprite change scenes at the beginning of this unit, and I can easily use Scratch to create an animation, now. I think in the future I could make my story more dimensional; the characters and plot were fairly elementary and not as well-thought out as I might have liked.
The Script:
Act 1: Exposition
In a well-lit, home, we see Lou and Gem talking.
GEM: Hey, Lou, have you seen SUE?
LOU: No, why?
GEM: That’s strange. I haven’t heard her at all this morning, and you know how loud she is about having to get up for school so early.
LOU: SUEld we check on her?
GEM: Here, I’ll go look.
LOU: Alright.
GEM: (goes offscreen) (returns) I can’t find her.
LOU: Did you check her room? The bathroom? The hallway closet?
GEM: Yes, yes, and yes. I’m worried. I think she wandered off again.
LOU: Well gem, where do we start the search for our sister?
GEM: The backyard!

Act 2: Rising Action
Dark train tracks, where Lou and Gem talk, center screen.
LOU: Where could she have gone?
GEM: Well she always loved to wander down here, so odds are, this is where we’ll find her!
LOU: Hmmm…
GEM: Lou, what if we never find her?
LOU: What? Of course we’ll find her.
LOU: We always do.
GEM: But Lou, we don’t even know where to look for her!
LOU: So we won’t give up! We’ll keep working and trying until we get it right.
GEM: Okay.
LOU: Here, I bet she went this way!
(both exit scene)
Act 3: Resolution
A forest, sue on the side, Gem and Lou talking..
SUE: (asleep in the corner)
GEM: SUE! SUE! We found you!
SUE: (waking from sleep) huh?
LOU: I told you we’d find her!
GEM: I was perfectly allowed to be scared!
LOU: (sigh)
SUE: I’m sleepy
LOU: c’mon SUE, I think it’s time to go home
GEM: Let’s go back home!

Here is a link to my project