The second language contraversy

Feb 6, 2013
by: KatyavR

At a young age most of us were taught a second language;be it Spanish, French, Mandarin, the list goes on. We were taught verbs and nouns and basic phrases, grammar, punctuation and if your experiences in this class were anything like mine, it was not a good time. Learning a second language is challenging to say the least. So why put students through the trials of learning another language?
This is only something I've come to terms with. A second language is important for so many reasons, not only does it make us a bit more cultured (or at least appear to be), it helps with communicating to a whole new group of people that was previously inaccessable to us; it enables us to travel more easily and make us sound fancy.
So next time you're struggling in Spanish class, just remember that it will benefit you in the long run.