The secret things in our food

May 18, 2016
by: tmyrick

I just started reading the Omnivore’s Dilemma,and my first impression was it is kinda a good book to know about food. At first when it said it would change my life, i was not quite sure about that. But once i found out that every food was made from corn, i was amazed, it never knew that.

One question i had for the book was, how did he find out that meat and junk food are from corn? I have not done any researched it yet, but i want to know.I would like to know because its very interesting to know where it’s coming from, not just opening up a bag of chips and not reading back, no matter how good it taste, i think that people should see what’s in their food.

Another question that i have, is this book about healthy eating? Now, i know it’s about what’s in and how your food is processed, but i am curious to know the real truth about this book.the answer to this is probably simple.I mean, it’s not like this book tells you what to eat everyday and what not to eat. But, it does talk about some healthy eating choices we can do.

The third question is,how will this change somebody’s life? With this opinion, not everyone can agree with this. What if it does not change someone’s life? What if a child reads this book and he or she learns a lot from this book? Then what?

I am looking forward to see whats next in the book. I think this is a good book since i just started reading this book.