selfhelp center

Dec 17, 2008
by: jsmith
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I've had a great time with community service. It has been a wonderful experience, especially the fact that I was able to help out people. That's really what I'm all about. I just love to help people with their problems, and I like to solve things. Honestly I do not really have any problems of my own so I always have time to delve into other peoples lives.

What we did in community service was go to the SelfHelp Center across the street from the school and teach seniors how to use the computer. We just taught them basic stuff like how to use websites, and how to get around, and how to download pictures among other common things that people do on the PC.

My mentee was a lady named Mary Cannata, and it was such a pleasure working with her because she learned so quickly and she would always greet me as soon as i came up. I just loved the fact that I was able to teach somebody else something because that's like the only problem I have. I think i have a lot to offer, but I get so intimidated that people won't accept it. Like I said, I love helping people. Its one of my passions because we all need help sometimes.

Mary was so kind and I got a complement at the end from her, so i was very thankful for that. What was hard at first was that I was naturally nervous with Mary. I was not very comfortable with her in the begginning, but then after a while, I saw how she was and I naturally started to open up more. I guess everybody went through that.

Another reason I like the whole OATS/SelfHelp Program is because I was not used to conversing with old people. Now I have better social skills because of this program. Everything just always went so well because she was always willing to learn and I was always willing to teach. I enjoyed it because i picked a good partner. It's great to help out other people, and people don't seem to realize that. Our world today is so complicated and we always need help.

My partner made me feel great. I was actually looking forward to going to the SelfHelp Center because of Mary. She was just so easy to talk to and very content and serene. I got along with her very well. I think I was the most helpful when I was teaching her about Yahoo and Amazon. She had a lot of questions and I had all the answers so that made me feel extremely good inside and a lot more confident.

When we would talk, we would get so lost in the convrsation that when it was time to go,i would be kind of peeved. I always just wanted to sit and talk with her. Since she's a much older person, she's fairly wiser then I am so when we were talking about other things besides the computer, she really caught my interest with all the things she said. She was telling me about her daughter and everything, and I was astonished.

I felt kind of bad the last time I went because that was the last time i would see her. It seemed as though she wanted me to stay longer but i obviously couldn't. Most of the times I went, it seemed like everytime when I had to go, I could see in her face that she did not want me to go.

I took this SelfHelp Program as mostly an exercise in which i would work on social skills, and my love of helping people. I feel as though I could take on the world now.