Selling A Phone On Ebay

Mar 19, 2015
by: 20uniar
Selling A Phone On Ebay
Act 1
Act 2
Act 3

If you would like to watch an amazing animation that is filled with action and entertainment, you have come to the right place. This animation is basically about how two robbers steal from this girl at school and are determined to get money off of it by selling it on Ebay. They try to make a getaway, but are caught by a police officer....too find out what happens next you must watch the animation itself. I wouldn't want to spoil the ending for you so go and watch it because you will regret it if you don't. Thank you and good luck watching it :)

My Script:

Scene 1 Act 1
Setting- In the school where two thieves rob Dora from her phone and start to run away with it.
[ Dora walks on from stage left on her phone.]
Dora: Hey girl. School today was like sooo boring. I was literally dying.
Dora: There was no air conditioning in any rooms so I had to create a paper fan and then guess what. You know that last period teacher, Mr. Simon? Ya so he comes up to me and goes like, young lady give me your fan please, it is clearly distracting the class. I'm like ukk, how dare you. I will report this to my dad and he will sue you.
[Robbers enter from stage right]
Robber 1: Drop your phone down and don’t move.
[Dora drops the phone and Robber 2 moves to stage left and picks phone up and moves back]
Robber 2: Fall to the floor and don’t move.
[Dora falls forward to the floor]
Robber 1: We can sell the phone on Ebay, but we must get out of here first before police come.
Robber 2 : Alright. Hey Girl if you move even a bit when we are making a run for it, I am afraid there will be trouble for you. Understand?
[Robbers leave stage right]
Scene 2 Act 2
Setting: In the park where the robbers meet the police officer.
[Robbers enter stage left]
Robber 1: Do you think we are safe here?
Robber 2; I hope so. I am tired from all that running.
Robber 1: Do you still have the phone with you?
Robber 2: Yup.
Robber 1: We have got to hurry and sell it somewhere like on Ebay. Lets keep running.
[ Clifford enters stage right]
Clifford: Put your hands up. You are not going anywhere.
Robber 1: Damn we have been caught what should we do now?
Robber 2: Make a run for it maybe.
Clifford: Oh no don’t try because I won’t let you.
[Robber 2 takes the phone and throws it at the police officer as he screeches in pain]
Clifford; How dare you. Oww my eye.
Robber 1: Run for it and take the phone.
Clifford: I won't let you get away so easily. I'm invincible just like superman. Nothing can stop me.
[Robbers leave from stage right]
[Clifford follows them]
Scene 3 Act 3
Setting: In the street where Clifford is running after them.
[Robbers enter from stage left]
Robber 1: Run faster fatso. He’s gaining on us. If you can’t run any faster than die here and give me the phone.
Robber 2: Don’t worry he won’t catch us.
Robber 1; If he does I swear that I will personally shove you down the toilet.
Robber 2: Just shut up.
[Clifford comes in running from stage left speaking on his walkie talkie]
Clifford; I need backup on 47th Avenue. There are 2 robbers, they might be dangerous. Please help.
Robber 1; Wow. Haha I didn't know cops needed help from others.
Robber 2: Now look who’s falling behind.
Robber 1: Very funny.
Clifford: Come back here you thieves. If you do there will be less consequences. Hurry up. Come back here this instant please.
Robber 1:After all we have done we will never go back. I will never go to jail.
Robber 2: True that. Hey lets go to the train station we could lose him there.
Clifford: WHAT NO!
Robber 1- Ha Ha Ha! Hasta La Vista.
[Robbers leave stage right]
[Clifford leaves and is right being there tail.]

Developers Logs:

Session 1 Developers Log- Thursday 3/12 in School 1:40-2:00 AM. For most of the part I was fixing my storyboards and finalizing my action plans so I knew what would be in my project and so that everything would go smoothly. After doing this I was able to create my Title Sequence which was pretty easy and I was able to complete it like I predicted which was in about 2 mins. There weren’t any problems since I barely did any work today so there are no problems that could be brought up.

Session 2 Developers Log- Saturday 3/14 in School 7:00-9:00 AM. Today I was very productive and completely finished my Acts 1 and 2 for my Scratch Project. According to my predictions in my action plan I was supposed to finish a lot earlier than 2 hrs, but I guess I guessed completely wrong which kind of means that the rest of my Action Plan will also be messed up. I had many problems and changes that I had to make in my scratch project compared to what I wrote in my scripts, storyboards, and action plan. For at the beginning of my act 2 I was supposed to make my characters enter from stage left, but I wasn’t quite sure how to do that so I decided to just make the Robbers enter from stage right. Also, since for one of my parts the robber shared the same box as the cellphone did so I didn’t know how to separate them so the phone could be thrown at the police officer. Instead I just made the robber walk up to the police officer and hit him with the phone and said, “Pow! Take That”. One difficult part is when keeping the sprites in their proper places because when I pressed the green flag they weren’t in their proper spots. So for this I had to experiment and I finally was able to solve it by putting some motion blocks together.

Session 3 Developers Log- Monday 3/16 School, 1:25-2:05 AM.Today I was able to cruise by my Act 3 with barely any difficulties involved. I was also able to revise all of my work to make sure it all flowed nicely which in my opinion went pretty well. Also, my predictions to my Action Plan was off again but this time they were closer to my predictions than for what I predicted in Acts 1 and 2. There weren’t any problems accept for one because when I was revising my project the project stopped in the middle causing me to be in confusion and i spent a great amount of time on it. At the end I found out that something was broken up when it wasn’t supposed to be so I connected the blocks back together and it started to roll properly. At overall this project took about 2.5-3 hrs at the end.

My Project: