Services Between Two Friends

Jul 14, 2014
by: nfelix

I did this particular Scratch because I wanted to represent the idea of veganism as well as the importance of friendships. I am writing this story for individuals who don't know how to represent a new idea to their friends, in my case veganism. In my Scratch creation, the two friends help each other out, one by missing some time from his work to help his friend find a store. Thus, the other friend presents him with vegan dish as a "thank you" gift. The vegan friend knows that veganism is great for health and he initiated the idea in the mind of his friend by giving his favorite foods, only in vegan form. In the end, each friend provided each other with guidance and comfort which should always be remembered.

What I found difficult was making the script and movements make sense with the seconds that have to put in. I did not understand at first, however, I got the hang of the website after working on the Scratch for a few times. Overall, I enjoyed making the Scratch and I would definitely do another in the future.