Setting free a heavy burdon

Apr 6, 2012
by: Anonymous

Dear stress,

Every day that I get up, my day begins with what I need to do during
the day. Do you know what I think? Well I think of all the things that I have
to do before school, during school, and all the activities that I have after school.
This is you. I mean why can’t I go one day without you finding me and biting me in the butt. I wish that you would go bother someone else or I could strap you to a rocket and watch you fly away from me, but it always seems that even when I am having fun, you always come find me and ruin the day.

I guess that it may be partially my fault that I let you come and attack me, but I really think that you should let me be happy. Do you remember that day when I had a million things to do? I had 3 tests, tennis game, homework, work and to add to that, gigantic friend problems. Because of you I couldn’t eat with the one person who makes me happy or even talk to him because I was dealing with you. I was trying to study for these other two very important tests that you decided should be dumped on me all in the same day just to see if I could do it.

In fact, because of this studying, I couldn’t eat lunch with him and he got all pissed off. You ruined my whole day! You always determine my mood. With you I’m a cranky b who only thinks of herself and feels sorry for herself. Without you I feel free and happy. I feel like you are pushing me deeper and deeper into a hole that I may soon not be able to climb out of. I mean if you make me mean to other people, who will help me out of this hole?

You demand so much out of me. I have to start my day in a rush and end my day thinking about what I have to do tomorrow. I feel exhausted, but I always push through until the end of the day when I can finally rest. Then when I finally do get to relax and sleep, I feel like I only get two hours of sleep to be prepared for the next 13 hour day. I wish that I could just get you to go away, but you find me. You torment me in the comments that people say to me, and also in a way of adding a bunch of stuff that I have to do. With this being said, just leave me alone so I can be happy.


Your worst enemy