Seven Black Plays

Apr 18, 2012

I just read the first section of the novel Seven Black Plays, which was a collaboration of seven African American writers writing one of of their more known pieces of work. I just read the first writer of the novel, which was Christopher Moore and his piece of work called "The Last Season". I was not used to reading a play, so the format and aspects of it were new to me. However, I managed to adjust and enjoyed reading the work.

The last seas on was a piece written by Christopher Moore, that had a lot to do with baseball. Early on in the piece, Moore talked about Jackie Robinson, a man who revolutionized the game of baseball forever. Jackie Robinson and Larry Doby managed to break through the harsh racism and become the first African Americans in the American and National League. What I wondered however is why Jackie Robinson managed to received so much acceptance, however Larry Doby did not. Several days ago was Jackie Robinson day, where all MLB players wore number 42 (Robinson's number) and honored and commemorated the work he did. Although he is no longer with us, his presence is still felt in the league and players of all races will never forget the work he did on and off the field.