The Seven Seas of The iPhone 4G.

May 5, 2010

Many of us have heard about the tales told of Apple's next iPhone, the iPhone 4G.  With a revamped design and brand new internal doodads (full list later), it's easy to be compelled by another revolutionary product by a revolutionary company...arguably. But that's for another time.  For now, we map the journey of the disguised iPhone 4G from a Beer Garden in Redwood City into the hands of Jason Chen, editor of popular tech blog, Gizmodo, and the explosion of police reports and Page Hits.

Gray Powell works as an Apple Software Engineer, working on iPhone Baseband Software.  For his 27th Birthday, he visited the Gourmet Haus Staudt, a German Beer Garden in Redwood City, California.  Underestimating the power of German Beer, as he wrote into his Facebook status that night, he foolishly leaves his iPhone on the bar before leaving.  Moments after, a drunk man wanders up to the man that had been sitting next to Powell at the bar, asking if the iPhone was his.  The man said no, though the drunk assumed it was the man's friend, telling him to hold on to it, lest he loses the precious gem.  And so the man held on to it, asking around if it belonged to anyone at the bar.  Everyone replied with a "negatory," leading to the man checking among the six pages of Apps for Facebook... where he found the page of Gray Powell open and ready with a recently produced Status Update about German Beer sits steaming, typed in only mere minutes ago.  Taking the iPhone 3GS home, he wakes up the next day with the intention of returning it.  The device is shut down with MobileMe, what Apple uses to brick lost iPhones.  It was then the man noticed the peculiar exterior of the iPhone 3GS.  After all, there was a camera on the front.  After some tries, he pried open the fake external disguise, revealing a bright, shiny, new thing.  Attempting to give it back, our hero calls numerous Apple numbers, though to no avail.

As the weeks trailed on, Tech Blog Gizmodo bought the prototype iPhone 4G for $5,000.  Gizmodo only after discovered it was Gray Powell's lost iPhone and contacted him about it.  In the weeks following this, Apple sent a letter to Gizmodo requesting the iPhone back. And days after that? The California Rapid Enforcement Allied Computer Team (REACT) raided the house of Jason Chen (Gizmodo Editor) while he wasn't home and confiscated Four Computers, some Hard Drives and otherwise.  Accounts have been made against Chen for knowingly buying stolen property, though it appears that wasn't the case.  Investigation on what happened with the missing Prototype iPhone 4G has died down, though it is evident: there is an iPhone 4G and it is coming.  It will also probably on Verizon.

So to end this, what's new about the iPhone 4G?

-Video Chat, Camera on the Front

-Improved Back Camera

-Camera Flash

-Improved Display

-A Secondary Mic Slot

-Separated Metallic Buttons for Volume and Mute and Stuff.

-An entirely flat and metallic back.

-Aluminum Border

-16% Larger Battery

-A Bunch of Internal Wiring that I find interesting but I won't bore you with.