Sex Education Bill

Mar 14, 2012
by: koko11

This morning, I read an article about the house bill that the Utah Legislature wants to pass about sex education. I think that the bill is ridiculous - previously, parents had the option to pull their child from a sex education class, and hardly anybody took that option. I think that the legislature is overstepping their bounds, and frankly, I think that the bill will only create more unsafe sex. If people aren't properly educated about sex education and contraception, more women will just end up pregnant. I think that the legislature should redefine their boundaries, and asses the situation to see if what they're doing really helps the Utah community, or if it just helps further their agenda. People on both sides of the issue have spoken out about their opinions publicly, but it's predicted that the bill will not get vetoed. I think the legislatures and the Governor should listen to people who oppose and support the bill before they decide to go through with the bill or not.


Looking for clarification

Submitted by hchev on Wed, 2012-03-28 22:55.

Hi Koko,

This seems like an issue that has struck a chord with you! I too am interested in the topic...

But its a bit unclear in your post what the house bill you are talking about, is actually about. When you are writing about an issue, or an article, its a good idea to first give a brief outline of the issue or article you are discussing. Or, you can create a link to the article you read so that someone reading your post would know what you are referring to.

Thanks for the post : )