Shake shake shake

May 5, 2011
by: GSoukup

A kid names Cyrus who was living in Japan at this time wrote a story called Decicions taleing his experience duing the Earthquake over a month ago. One line that stood out to me was "My dad did not even consider
leaving for a second. As CEO of a Japanese company, leaving his company
when it needed him the most was like a captain abandoning his ship.
“Besides, nothing’s going on. The media is exaggerating just like the
SARS epidemic outbreak in 2003 (thousands of foreigners evacuated from
China in fear of the over publicized disease).” he said reassuringly" This paragraph stood out to me because that is what I would say. I really undermine all situations like this. When there is work to be done, I think that it needs to be done. I know the culture of Japan because I have been taught it for years now and I know that when work is in the balance then it is ok to keep going. Wind was blowing the other way keeping Japan from being seriously over-ratiated and it was safe for Tokyo.

Another part that stood out to me was when you talked about your mother worrying and talking to other mothers about things that would influence their decisions. My mom does that too but she tends to be the trend setter and not the one who is following the crowd. But when you wrote that you finally were able to go back to your home and be with your friends who stayed I was happy for you. But I hope your ACT's and AP tests went well, I hope everything will soon get back to normal for you.