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Mar 22, 2016
by: eaglej19

I am currently reading a book called Dooms Day Book, in which both paradoxes and the black death play major roles in the plot. I therefore looked up both of these two things to help my understanding of the text. I found two sources that I know are credible and I began to read. First of all, talking about paradoxes, it was interesting to see the different types of time paradoxes there were. Obviously there is the grandfather paradox (you go back in time and kill your grandfather), but there are also other mind blowing paradoxes out there like the bootstrap paradox. With these options for manipulating the future I'm surprised that they even managed to make time travel possible in the first place. The other thing that was kind of cool was that the author got all of the symptoms of the black death correct when they described it. I know it probably shouldn't be surprising but it happens pretty often in the historical fiction books that I've read where the author takes a bit of creative license and makes something that is not quite the truth. The only problem I have with that is when people read historical fiction and take some basic facts to be true in the real world it increases the average ignorance of the population and it significantly increases the annoyance level of the person who actually knows what they're talking about.