Shepherd's Beaked Whales Caught on Film

Feb 26, 2012

Last month, the Australian Antarctic Division team saw a pod of Shepherd's beaked whales. They were first spotted in 1937 and are also known as Tasman beaked whales. They were filming off the coast of Victoria, looking for blue whales, when they noticed a pod of 10 to 12 of these mammals. These mammals are so rare that there is no estimate for their current population. In fact, they have never even been caught on film before. "These animals are practically entirely known from stranded dead whales, and there haven't been many of them," Double stated, calling the footage "unique." They usually stay deep under water for long periods of time and only surface occasionally. These whales are black and cream and have dolphin-like beaks. Little is known about these creatures, but the footage of them will now be carefully studied in an effort to find out more.