Shine Shine

Nov 4, 2009
by: Syd12

This picture is taken on my 3rd roll of film and on the rest of that film there were many pictures that were ruined. The reason for my film to be ruined was because somebody mixed the chemistry together and didn't tell anybody. It is okay though because this photo made it out fine. On this roll of film I took pictures of Mt. Kathadin, the sky, roads, trees, and scenery.

My specific ideas when I was taking these photos were to be more creative and take more pictures of nice sceneries. The photos sadly did not come out due to chemistry issues, to correct this problem I would make sure that people put the chemicals in the right jugs. My favorite pictures on this roll were pictures of Mt. Kathadin. This was a hard photo to print because of how dark it is. I went through many test strips and had to use a number 2 filter to lighten the picture. I burned in the sun part for an extra 10 seconds and the picture came out pretty well. I learnt that you can take a very dark picture and make it light with a filter.

This picture shows third lines with the mountains and the clouds. It also shows value with the dark mountains and bright sky. Finally, this picture shows asymmetry because the mountain is on the right and the sun is on the left. I picked this picture because I thought it was a lot different then the other photos I have taken. Also because it was one of the few pictures that turned out. I think that this picture shows happiness and courage. For some reason the sun coming out behind the clouds makes me feel if I'm sad to lighten up. The part I like best about this picture is the sun and clouds, it is so pretty. Next time I would try to lighten the mountains more so they are not so dark.




Hey awesome photos! I

Submitted by alexkres on Tue, 2009-11-10 15:21.

Hey awesome photos! I subscribed to your feed because I liked your  photos and for my photography class we are subscribing to people's photos we like.