The Shock of Physical Primary Voting

May 2, 2016
by: 18aronova

The New York primary was looked forward in my household. Excited after attending a Sanders rally out in Washington Square park, I had been sure of New York voter turnout and had convinced my father to vote for Bernie. At six thirty in the morning, we trudged out to our local elementary school and along with bicyclists and other restless poor souls, cast our ballot.

Though my household is personally aligned with democrats and New York is normally full of democratic populations, my neighborhood recently experienced an influx of hardcore Donald Trump supporters. I had assumed that since they were so vocal that there would be so many on my street that wold go out and vote for that man and I had partially convinced my father to vote in order to help our district not embarrass itself as Republican amongst the sea of democrats of other precincts.

I did not need to worry. The voting records for my precinct say that though Trump was a clear favorite in my precinct amongst republicans, only 32 people went out to vote for him from a total of 52 republicans. What I realized was that though the republicans in my district were as a rule more vocal, many of them were first time voters. Distant immigrants, they had never been excited about a candidate before nor did they feel comfortable giving out their opinion in such an official way. When they had become such ardent Trump supporters, the deadline to register of March 25th had passed.

The democratic turnout of the district was very uplifting despite the voting swinging to the way of Clinton. 166 democrats voted, with 12 more voters voting the way of Clinton. This outcome did not surprise me because my area was one of more conservative democratic voters with less young people of voting age who were expected to vote the way of Hillary. This was not at all disheartening because it assured that in at least my precinct, democratic voter turnout would be high.

Check out your own precinct:


"How NYC Voted" information

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Submitted by Mr. Jacobs on Sun, 2016-05-08 22:30.

Thanks for that link to the map! I checked the precinct where I teach school is in the Bronx and it mostly went for Clinton. Only three Republicans voted and none were for Trump. I think my students will have fun looking at their precinct.

On thing that shocked me is how low the turnout is in some precincts. There was one in midtown Manhattan called Turtle Bay East that only had one person vote in the Democratic primary (and they voted for Hillary).

Bernie Sanders seems not to have as much name recognition around the city, but they like him in Brooklyn and Staten Island.