Should Assisted Suicide Be Legal ?

Apr 28, 2014
by: asaetern

Assisted suicide is when a terminally ill person gets drugs from the doctor to kill themselves.Currently , assisted suicide is legal in the Netherlands, Oregon , Montana, and Vermont. In my opinion , assisted suicide should legal in California.

People should be able choose how they die”.In Baxter v. Montana a terminally ill patient, Robert Baxter, sued for the right to die , claiming that doctors who refused to assist him were violating his rights. A lower court ruled that a patient has the rights to end his or her life and that doctors who assists cannot be prosecuted for homicide.”Opposing Viewpoints Online Collection, 2012. This evidence supports assisted suicide it claims that in Montana if a patient is terminally ill they have the legal right to end their own life .

People in pain, who know what they are doing, should be able to end their pain by choosing how to die. “Roughly one-third of those patients who complete the process of seeking medications under the Dignity Act do not go on to consume the medications.These individuals derive comfort from having the option to control the time of death yet ultimately die of their disease without exercising that control. “Assisted suicide works well in Oregon”.This evidence supports assisted suicide. It claims that one-third of patients don’t take the medication to kill themselves, but get comfort from being able to control the time of death.


I like the topic and I find

Submitted by cniegos on Sat, 2016-02-27 00:23.

I like the topic and I find it interesting to read. I like how you say people have the rights to choose how they die. I know life is precious but fighting for something isn't working is hard.

What a dark topic...

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Submitted by eric_yu2001 on Mon, 2016-02-29 12:34.

This is a really dark topic, suicide. Many of the people today commit suicide from over discrimination, maybe after a loss or just feeling bored and in pain. I agree that assisted suicide should be legalized. Far too many incidents are occurring due to the fact that people can't find an efficient way to end their life. Some people can't find a way to die, and it causes them to turn into a lunatic, causing terrorist strikes, such as some situations that have happened before.

However, my main focus is on to decrease the suicide rate in the first place. Society has evolved into a dark and discriminate area for human life. Cyber Bullying and emotional distress has greatly evolved from many people's ignorance towards this subject.

Perhaps we can find situations to this instead? But if it is necessary, your argument still makes me want to agree. Nicely done!