Should Assisted Suicide be legal in California?

Apr 28, 2014
by: hxu

Assisted suicide is when the doctor gives you the pills or injection to end your suffering from a severe terminally illness. Assisted suicide is legal in the three American states of Oregan, Washington, and Vermont. In my opinion, assisted suicide should be legal in California because it belongs to personal decision and reduces pain from the patients.

“ In Baxter v. Montana, a terminally ill patient, Robert Baxter, sued for the right to die, claiming that doctors who refused to assist him were violating his rights. A lower court ruled that a patient has the right to end his or her life and that doctors who assist cannot be prosecuted for homicide.” It shows that patients have their own choice to decide whether live or die.

Also, patients have their own opinion to choose suicide methods such as pills, injection or gun shot, to make the patients less painful. If a person in terminally illness and really painful, he should commit assisted suicide so he can get out of pain. “ An individual determined to end his or her life may use painful, violent, or uncertain methods. Why not allow a more certain, pain-free alternatives? ” It claims that assisted suicide respects the individual’s right to determine his or her destiny. So I think assisted suicide should be legal in California.