Should Oakland install more surveillance cameras?

Mar 24, 2014
by: hxu

The amount of crimes will decrease if Oakland uses surveillance cameras. Many people feel that is not a good way to protect Oakland citizens because people do not have their own privacy, however, state officials say cameras can make Oakland community safer, but I partially agree.

“ Everyone should has their own privacy. ” said Mrs. Lucy, a high school teacher in San Francisco. Everyone has secret that they do not want somebody else know or see. If Oakland uses cameras to keep eyes on everything, people will lose their privacy and get mad. So I think Oakland should not build up cameras in privacy places.

But what will happen if Oakland does not use cameras? I have been ask this question to my uncle, he lives in Oakland over 30 years. He said: “ Use cameras can get rid of the dangers in Oakland. ” Use Cameras can decrease the amount of crimes and easier to catch the criminals and find out the clues of crimes. So it can make Oakland community safer.


Should Oakland install more surveillance cameras?

Submitted by rnoy on Mon, 2014-03-24 16:54.

I agree with you that everyone deserves privacy and that people have stuff they don't want other people to see. The sentence that stood out for me that you wrote is,"everyone has a secret that they do not want somebody else to know or see." This sentence stood out to me because I know a lot of people that have secrets and they don't want people to know it. I think they will be depressed if other people knew their secrets. Surveillance cameras will only make that problem worse. However, I also think that surveillance cameras can get rid of crimes because they can detect criminals. I am in the middle, I agree and disagree also.