Should Prostitution Be Legalized?

Apr 3, 2014
by: hxu

Should prostitution be legalized? To me, I would say no. The first time I knew about prostitution, I thought prostitution is dangerous. When I realized how prostitution affect this society, I started to think about what are the reasons cause people prostitute. Some people might say that prostitution could make people get more money to live, but I still strongly disagree prostitution should be legalized.

Men already see women as an object. We all should know, prostitution is selling yourself as an object. Having sex with men again and again, how other people will think about you? Prostitution damages women emotionally, lower self-esteem. Once, I read a news from the newspaper. A 17 years old Chinese girl suicided because of she prostituted with men lots of time, sometimes she had unprotect sex with men so she pregnant. People saw her as a bitch and had lots of bad discussion behind her back, because she was too young and she did the thing that some adults think it is nasty. Finally, she could not abide the contempt from other people, so she jumped into the river and died.

I know, the body is yours, you can do everything you want. But have you think about your safety? Have you think about your future? Have you think about your family? Prostitution is dangerous when you go out with a stranger. You cannot identify the personality of a person, so if you prostitute with somebody that you don’t know, you will get into danger. Jassiny was a college student, she was 19 years old. She was born in a poor family, so she needed lots of money to provide herself to go to college. So she worked in brothel and prostituted with men. Once, she prostituted with a man, the man gave her a drink, about ten minutes later, Jassiny fell asleep. The man cut out her body and took the organs out to sell. So, prostitution should not be legalized.