Should tattoos be allowed in the workplace ?

Apr 15, 2012
by: riljoy

This topic caught my eye because I was thinking of getting a tattoo on my wrist of my grandmother’s name, because she had pasted. As I was thinking long and hard on It, I’d thought to ask my mom on her opinion. My mother then said “well if you want to work in the medical field you don't want a tattoo exposing with would hurt your career”. Then it hit me, why does a tattoo define who we are and hinder some of us to get jobs?

What I know about this topic is that when applying for a professional job and you have a tattoo in a hidden spot it won't stop the chances of getting a job. I also know that when applying for a job and your tattoo is more in a exposed area the person that is most likely interviewing you will just assume that is had some demonic meaning to it. Even though it is wrong, they are not allowed to ask you any questions about the tattoo.

In the article “Professional dress code and Tattoos,” states that in today's world people with tattoos are very prejudiced and tattoos are most popular among the poor and uneducated. It states that the corporate can discriminate and large corporate ban tattoos in their workplace. This answer my question that tattoo are not allowed in a workplace or else I will be seen as undereducated with I know I’m not. The article states “Many tattooed people think that they are protected by their First Amendment rights to freedom of expression. Unfortunately, this is not true in the workplace.”

According to an article by Jennifer D. Melville even though tattoos are not allowed in the workplace you can still have them just more in an unraveling setting. The article states that”employers have the right to exclude them as long as they consider religious or ethnic beliefs.” This answers my question on a different event but on the same topic that some people don't allow freedom of speech to some extent.

In the article”Tattoos in the workplace no longer taboo,” states that Tattoo acceptence in the workplace depends on the specific industry and employer. I find this to be very true due to the fact that all that matters is that the work is being done. On the site I found a comment that made me feel relieved that someone was on the same page as me it states ‘ it's about time people start to accept the fact that some ink on the skin is not going to affect the way a person does a job!.”

In this article Tattooed Workplace Culture” a statement that was sated blew me out the water its say “There are also reports that the tattoo issue gets even more complicated when human resource professionals see them on men versus women. reports that reactions to men wearing tattoos are most often less severe than when they see a tattoo on a woman applicant.” Now because I am a female this kill me the most to know that if I hadn't been so inquisitive about the topic I would have gotten a tattoo and been shut down meanwhile the male with the tattoo and the same qualifications as myself gets the job.

According to an article by Erika Icon it states that “60 percent of employers said that they were less likely to hire a candidate with tats or piercings. This was really a shock to me to see of a high percentage that was to see that people can't get hired because of a little thing which I see is not so little in the corporate world. To be sure a good trick that she says will help the hurt of the rejection is to look around the office to see if anyone has tattoos or piercings and if they are hidden.

In conclusion I believe that tattoos do have a meaning when trying to get in a workplace, but if it's not outrageous without meaning to it than it should be fine. Something that they fail to understand is that they never know that the person with the tattoo more likely to be qualified in the job then the person without a tattoo. Now this make me think that because the professional environment is so bias we should understand the fact of the matter at an appropriate age so that we don’t make the mistake that will hinder us from getting a good job. This also shows me what people perceive of you whether you be a female or male with a tattoo or piercing.

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Dear Jocelyn, Your topic

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Submitted by caseyc on Mon, 2012-04-16 11:24.

Dear Jocelyn,

Your topic caught my attention because I've asked my self and my mom what difference does it make if i have a tattoo in a place that everyone can see it? because i don't think that should effect you, its not going to make you work less.

One thing that you said that stood out for me was "applying for a professional job and you have a tattoo in a hidden spot it won't stop the chances of getting a job" As long as your tattoo can be covered it wont effect your chances but once they see it your most likely not going to get hired, forget about if you have experience or you was educated in the flied your not going to get it.

Another thing you said that stood out for me was "reactions to men wearing tattoos are most often less severe than when they see a tattoo on a woman" that is so sexist. now and days women have tattoos everywhere and probably more tattoos than a man does. What makes a man different than a women ?

This reminds me of something i saw on television with these 2 people a male and female who had tattoos from head to toe and surgically implants that look like bumps on there heads with fangs and body piercings everywhere. they talked about how people would stop and stare as if they were crazy but that they didn't care because its what they were into and they had good jobs and were educated. the female was a lawyer!

thanks for writing. I look forwards to seeing what you write next time.

Tattoos in workplace

Submitted by Anonymous on Sun, 2012-12-30 07:17.

I love the the way people say they want or get tattoos in memorial of somene who died. Sorry this is just an excuse to follow the crowd. A crowd of very insecure people that mar their bodies. I am a guy and would never get one. Why would women want to look masculine? Also the skin on women is so beautiful. I do not get it. If you want to honor your grandmother; Take the money that you would have paid for the tattoo and give it to her favorite charity or for the medical cause of her death.