Side effects of Global Warming

Oct 17, 2010
by: XLiu

As I research articles on Global Warming, I would wonder about the effect of Global Warming. Does Global Warming only cause negative side effects? Did people try to hide the positive side effect of Global Warming? But why would they hide anything like that, would it do them any good? And I realize how stupid I was to think of such questions, because there are proofs all over the world about the huge damages cause by Global Warming. Even if there are any positive side effects, they’ll never measure up to the damage that can be cause. And that thought somehow lead me to think about the people who doubt the existence of global warming. I don’t understand why anyone would doubt the existence of global warming when there’s evidence all around them. 

“As winters get milder, changes occur underfoot and go largely unnoticed until critical thresholds are reached. Railroad tracks are deformed. Rocky peaks crack apart and spill into ravines. Whole mountainsides lose footing, creating flows of ice and mud that move as fast as a BMW on the Autobahn.”


This article mentions that global warming cause temperature to rise in the winter, and that lead the ice to melt. Melted ice become liquid and fills up holes on the ground, and the liquid will freeze into ice again when the weather gets cold. As liquid freeze into ice, its volume increase. Ice will take up more space than liquid, the same holes will not be large enough and they will crack. The process then repeats, and the cracks will get bigger and bigger until the road deforms. from :

It is shocking how much changes Global Warming cause. I didn’t know that global warming can cause unstable weather condition, which can cause the progress of ice melting and freezing to take place more often in the winter. When the process occurs more often, the cracks gets bigger, as a result more and more roads are getting deform. As more road gets deform, traffic problems occur, and more money will be spend onto repairing roads.


“The plague bacterium, Yersinia pestis, lives in the blood of prairie dogs and ferrets, and the flea that infest those colonies can transfer it to squirrels, rats and mice, who like to live close to humans and their flea-carrying pets.”


According to this article, around 10 to 20 Americans catch plague every year, 1 to 3 people die because of the plague. Now a day, the plague mainly shows up in a few regions around Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado. People who live in the countryside catch that plague more often, since they contact live stocks daily. According to The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, the number of plague case has been dropping due to the warming weather. As the weather gets hotter, the snow melts faster, and the soil will become drier. As the soil become drier, the fleas will die because they can’t live on dry soil.

This article caught my attention by just one look at the title, because it stated a positive effect of Global Warming. Ever since 6th grade, I’ve been taught that Global Warming is a horrifying thing, and it will lead the world to its end, therefore I’ve never associate Global Warming with anything positive. Global Warming might have a few positive side effects, but they cannot balance out the damage that will occur in the future, therefore Global Warming will still hold the negative imagine in my mind. However, I am still glad for the dropping of plague cases in the recent years.

Everybody has pro and cons, we tend to accept even the cons if we like a person. However, we cannot do the same thing with Global Warming. We cannot accept every side effects Global Warming cause. When the negative of Global Warming outrun the positive, we know it cannot be keep, therefore we have to do something to stop it. As many experts recommended, we should adapt to the side effects and prevent further going of Global Warming as fast as we can.