Significance of Machu Picchu

Mar 31, 2015

While researching the significance of Machu Picchu i found that about 90 years after the explorer Hiram Bingham III showed Machu Picchu to the world they believe to have found the purpose of the amazing Incan city. In an article posted in 2003, "'Lost city' yielding its secrets; there have been many theories for Machu Picchu, most wrong", they said, "Machu Picchu was one of many private estates of the emperor and, in particular, the favored country retreat for the royal family and Inca nobility. It was, archaeologists say, the Inca equivalent of Camp David, albeit on a much grander scale." Prior to this the common theories were that it was the traditional birthplace of the Inca people, the final stronghold of the Incas in their losing struggle against Spanish conquest in the 16th century, a sacred spiritual center occupied by chosen women, the ''virgins of the sun,'' and presided over by priests who worshiped the sun god.


Nate great post! It was

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Nate great post! It was really interesting to read about some of the history of Machu Picchu. I look forward to your future writing because this is a very interesting topic.