Sir Cumference and the Dragon

Mar 18, 2015
by: 20islama
Sir Cumference and the Dragon

In my animation i wrote about how pie was made. In the animation sir cumference eats a pie and becomes a dragon and tells his son to help him. His son goes to the Sorcerers cabin and gets a potion with a riddle telling him to find pi and so he tries it on a circle. He first tries it on a pie and then a wheel finally he gets back to his dad and tells him to take the potion and the father is cured.

Scene 1
(Sir Cumference enters from stage left)
Cumference: Why someone has left a pie here who could it be for?
*Sir cumference gestures toward the pie.
Cumference: Such a great pie must be for none other than me. *Slowly grab the pie and bring it
close to your face as if you will eat it. Drop the pie behind you and blur yourself out of view.
A man in a dragon costume enters.
Dragon: I have turned into a dragon oh what can I do.
*Radius approaches from stage left.
Radius: Ahh.. a dragon.
Dargon: No son it is I your father, Sir Cumference.
Radius: Father? What, how did this happen to you; who did this?
Dragon: Nevermind that now, just go into the sorcerers lab and get me a potion that will help me.
*Radius runs off onto stage right and off the stage.
Scene 2:
Radius: There are so many with one will do the trick.
*Radius runs off from stage left into the lab
Radius: Well father said he felt like he had a fire in his stomach so maybe a stomach burn
reliever will do the trick.
*People out side are screaming about a dragon near the castle and will be killed by it.
Radius: Oh no they are going to kill father, I must hurry.
Radius Wait the sorcerer should know which one will do the trick
*Radius looks for sorcerer but she is not there
Radius: I don’t think the burn reliever will work but this might
*It read That in order to cure the father radius must find the exact amount to feed the father and
the number is a number that is true for every circle.
Scene 3:
Radius comes across a pie and says well this is a circle so what is true about this and all circles?
Radius: Well let me measure it across.
Radius: What about around the circle
Radius: Well then how many times do they go into each other
Radius: Well i got 3.14 what about other circles
*he measures other circles finding the same number he figured out the puzzle.
Scene 4:
Radius: Father I believe this will work but how much you need is not said but is told as a riddle.
It must be a number that is the same for every circle Dragon: Well hurry up then
*Radius hurries and comes back
Radius: father i found out that the number 3.14 and so these are the spoons that I need
*Radius feeds his father the medicine and is cured

Session 1: Wed. 3/11 I was able to complete all the steps 1-­4 except for 4 which i just need to
change the pie’s costume as if it has been eaten. Other than that I have completed everything like
I have wanted to.
Session 2 Fri. 3/13 I was able to smoothly complete all the tasks of 5-­12 as I wanted to and had
no trouble with doing that. Other than not being able to finish Radius’s line I have completed
Session 3 Mon. 3/16 I completed the project but I took 15 min. than planned and this was
because I was having trouble uploading my voice and converting file types. I ended up having to
make it with a speech bubble. Other than that I had easily completed the project.


This is really cool, I like

Submitted by JesusSalazar on Fri, 2015-03-20 14:02.

This is really cool, I like how you turned some boring math stuff into a very creative story. I can't wait to see wait you write about in the future because this story was awesome.