The Sisters By James Joyce

Dec 4, 2009
by: Jmo

Reading, "The Sister," by James Joyce, I was confused by it because it was so random when i first picked it up and started to read it, for example it starts off with "There was no hope for him" and reading this sentence gave me no will to continue reading because of the lack of explanation to who had no hope.


One line from The Sister that stands out for me is: "Well, so your old friend is gone, you'll be sorry to hear." I think this is cruel because of the way he just say it so plainly and how it was more of a jeer than a reminder, another that about this sentence that was cruel was how he tried to imply how the boy would feel when he heard this sentence.


Another line that I Disliked was: "I would'nt like children of mine," he said "to have too much to say to a man like that." This stood out for me because that sentence shows that he didn't like the man that died and he did'nt like the fact the young boy had feelings for the old man.


The Sister reminds me of something that happened to me. One time about 2 years ago my great grandmother died and i was suppose to go to the funeral, however at the funeral i was the only 1 that did not cry, that day i was more upset that sad because she only lived a few blocks away from me and i never knew she existed, if i knew she was that near i would have visited her a lot and make her last days more enjoyable rather that dying alone and probably miserable i wouldn't know tho


I wouldn't like to read more stories by James Joyce, because from this one story it reminded me of how much sadness iv gone through in my life and how much hatred i have for many things, reliving that kinda feeling is horrible for me.