Six word memoir

Jul 9, 2014
by: mreyes

Hello there my name is Michael Reyes I from El Salvador where there is many violence and sometimes I feel lucky because now I am in a country where safety is important and also the opinions of every person count because democracy is where every person is free to say their opinions without problem, anyway I have almost three year in United States and I feel proud of because in my home country I was a bad student I almost leave the school because I was lazy very LAZY but when came I came here I changed and I improve my schoolar skills so I feel proud of myself. In my home country I lived with my mother, sister, father and my dog, when I moved to NY I left my father and my dog it was the most harmful day of life because I need was separated from them but by the time I learned how to live without them in the distance, that was the bigger turning point in my life.

What I like to do in school is help people because not everybody understand so well and even me but with the poor english that I know I able to help my classmates I love science and global history those are the classes that I enjoy. I don’t attend any extra classes because I so lazy to do something else but heard about science fair I get excited because since I was 8 I begun to watch just national geography because and animal planet, my sister always called nerd but what can I do that’s what I love.

Out of the school I love to spend the time playing video games I know that’s Not good but I love it also I like to to go out with Arturo and Michael they are always there to wandering outside. And we share many experiences because we have many time been friends and hanging out.


Dear Micheal:I am interested

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Submitted by mlombardo on Tue, 2014-07-22 14:17.

Dear Micheal:

I am interested about your six word memoir, "Music is food for the soul," because I believe very strongly in the healing powers that music provides everyone. I am wondering what experience have helped you to come of this conclusion.

Your memoir reminds me of something that happened to me. One time when I was going through a tough time, a friend convinced me to go to a concert.I really didn't want to go but once I got there I instantly felt better. The live music, the passion of the artist and the enthusiasm of the crowd really helped to life my spirits.