Jan 13, 2015

A sunny day in Dominican Republic.
La Vega was very hot in the summer. My friend Albert went to my house. I never knew what would happen.
He told me, “Hey Alex, you wanna go to the river?”

“Mmm… I don’t know it.
Is hot today but I need to ask my father,” I said.
“Let's go and do not ask permission,” Albert said.
I thought about it and I decided to go, But the problem was we needed more friends.
my friend and I went to some friend’s house’s.
“Let’s go.”

We decided, “If you all are not sure don’t go”.
about ten of us sure we all wanted to go was like 12:am and liked about 10 friends decided go to the river but no one spoke to his parents in way to the river we walked, The river is about 7 to 10 minute from my home. They are some mango fruits bush and jobo fruits guayaba too.
Albert and me was the older of the group I was like 11 years old, “Let go Alex I have a faster way to go the river” Albert said. “I said ohh so let go.”
we get it with Albert faster way when we saw the river we all started running but to get to best part we need to walk a little more, so we walked to the best part the river was alone no one was in the river just me and my friends I took off my pants to come in to the river I was the first one that always went when my friends saw everything is good the came in to the river.

In the river they are like a mountain that people like to jump from the mountain to the river is fun and the river is deep so like always I went to the mountain and jump I stay like about 30 seconds under the water to scares my friends but some of my friends don’t not who to swim.

20 minute later “yoo alex is late let go home” Albert said.
“Let stay 5 more minute” I said.
“No no no is late” Albert said.
So I took my stuff then we start to waked way at home. Was talked nothing important just talked we was wet so we need to take long time in the sun to dry we was about to get home we pass” la mata de mango” we knew we are about to ge home.

Is a little mountain when all this boy cross the mountain right in front are they parents and Albert said “Alex let go this way my mother is in from so I Went with Albert I get at home like nothing happen and my father call me so quieted I go to his bedroom I he told me “This is the last time you went to a place before ask me and you can’t not go outside for a week no tv no nothing”
I just said “ok” QA`