Jan 13, 2015

I was riding with my aunt to pick up my cousin from work in the car. As she changed lanes, she adjusted her white hijab. I saw her blond hair falling out a little. It was cold dark night. He worked in Dairy Queen and it’s an hour away from our home. While we were driving we were listening to music and singing. We were half way there. When we stopped at a light, women with blond hair motioned to us that our tire was flat. My aunt was shocked she didn’t know what to do. My aunt told me, “Look around for a gas station”. I saw one on the left, and we pulled over at the gas station. My aunt drove very slowly. My aunt tried to call my uncle but, he wouldn’t pick up his phone. My aunt messaged my cousin told him that we are going to be late. He said, “It’s okay”. I am not done yet. I am still working.

After 20 minutes a short, fat, bengali, man walked out of the store. He had a bear and he was looking at me up and down it was very scary. He said, What happened.” My aunt said, “Can you help us please.” He was not nice. In Georgia some people are nice but some are mean and rude. He told us, “I don’t know how to fix it but you can come inside my store and sit there if you want.” My aunt said, “We don’t want to sit inside. Can you just help us? He said, No I can’t. find someone else to do it. He went back inside the store. My aunt try to fix but she couldn’t. It was very cold and I was shaking. I am cold. when are we going home? I whined.

No one was there to help us. I was just standing there waiting for my aunt to fix the tire.
My aunt said, to call my cousin and tell him that the tire is flat and come here and fix it. “Hurry up it’s cold”. He knows how to fix it. We wait for an hour there in cold. I got thirsty and i went and got water for me and my aunt. She stopped for a minute and we both drank water. That man came out again he said, “It’s cold come inside. We said, “No thanks.”

Then after a while a pizza delivery man passed by in the car. We stopped him and asked for help. He was tall and had a beard. He saw my aunts hijab and said Assalamualaikum. He was trying so hard to fix it. After a while my cousin came. My cousin and the guy fixed the tire. My aunt gave the guy 20$ but he said “no we are muslim we help each other”. Then my aunt drove back home.


I like it.

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I like it.

Dear Areej. I am excited

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Submitted by leslie.menjivar98 on Thu, 2015-01-15 13:09.

Dear Areej.
I am excited about your post is really interesting because that reminds me a some stories about me...
One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: "While we were driving we were listening to music and singing." I think this is interesting and reminds me at my family when we were going at some places in the car we were listening music and singing loud.
Your writing reminds me of something that happened to me. One time that my family and me were going at the beach and the rim skewer so were alone in the street and ten minutes later started raining that day was difficult but funny.
Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because is interesting know about your stories, about you, you are a interesting person.