So Real and So Good

Feb 28, 2010

     In the midst of I Love New York, The Bachelor, and The Real World reality TV is sparking up on every channel across the world.  Many of these reality shows are under-the-microscope and most are locked up on the parental controls.  However, there are a couple shows that I believe are a positive influence on American society. 

    The first is Tough Love on VH1.  It sounds like one of those "romance" reality scams, but in fact it is really entertaining and informative.  Steve Ward, a professional match maker, is the host of the show and he is pretty funny.  He picks around 7 girls out of thousands of desperate women "seeking love" and then gives them lessons on what guys are really thinking.  He then matches the women with men he thinks will be suitable for them.  Most of the women don't end up staying with their matches, but by the end you can definitely see the transformation in the girls with no self confidence and were dependent on men, to women who are content and confident with themselves.   This show does not have any eliminations either, the women stay the entire length of the show so you really get to see how they "blossom".  The show still has the dramatic effect that every reality show lover thrives on, but at least you can get something out of watching an hour of a VH1 reality TV show.

Tough Love Season 2 Trailer

    Another great reality show that has recently sprung up is Undercover Boss on CBS.  This show just debuted a couple of weeks ago and it is on every Sunday night at 8 pm (MT time).  Big CEOs from huge American companies such as Winger's and 7-Eleven go undercover in his or her own business to see what is really going on.  The CEO does all sorts of jobs such as brewing coffee, sweeping floors, taking out the trash, managing, and working in donut plants.  These jobs are not easy either and none of the bosses are ever prepared for the strenuous work.  In such tough economic times, this type of TV show and experience is necessary.  The CEOs are able to fix many big problems in his or her company and at the end of the show they personal reward the worker who "trained" them.  This show is really inspiring and I think it is a good use of prime-time TV and a great way to procrastinate.

Undercover Boss

    The last show I am going to talk about is The Amazing Race, this show has been on for years on CBS's network and I haven't missed one episode or season.  It has won an Emmy almost every year since its creation, and it has become more popular as the years go on.  If you haven't seen it basically the title says it all.  Teams of two go around the globe racing for $1,000,000 dollars.  They don't stay in one continent either, they go literally around the world in the production of one season.  While the teams are in a certain country they are given clues to go to landmarks or places in that country and perform a task according to the culture.  Most of the time the teams struggle tremendously with tasks the locals perform every day.  It is really quite comical.  Each week one team is eliminated if they are last to reach the pit stop.  The finale usually consists of three or four teams racing for $1,000,000 and if you have been watching the whole season is it always exciting to see who reaches the pit stop first.  The Amazing Race airs on Sunday nights at 7 pm on CBS.  

The Amazing Race