Apr 16, 2010
by: agut1553
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The topic am interested in is in soccer. I also want to know if water or energy drinks help you in your playing performers. I researched this topic on Google and found an article called “Nutrition for Soccer Players”. This article was found at In this article, the author talked about the many different foods that soccer players can eat and drink to enhance their performance on the field. The writer states, “the water lost from the body during sweating needs to be replaced to stop you getting tired quickly, and also speed up the recovery process – that means feeling fitter and sharper afterward a lot sooner”. He also states that energy drinks helps in this process

The writer also tells you more information on what to eat and do after a match. For example it lets you know why its important to eat and drink healthy foods and drinks. It also tells you why is sport nutrition in soccer.

After reading this article I learn many and interesting stuff. I learn what to have for breakfast before an early match. I also learn that energy drinks are better than normal water after the game.


hey i like soccer two.

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hey i like soccer two.